the darkest secrets.

babe at work! after so long, finally visited her at her workplace and i must say, i can totally uds why she loves working there. it’s like so busy but fun that time really flies pass fast. oh and revealing the mystery place where i had the super nice cupcake from the previous entry, it’s at Made With Love at Plaza Sing! (:

got some of the scrapbooking alphabets to do up part of flora’s present with pictures of all the “shareholders”! btw, the party was a blast and the place was very nicely decorated and the cake was really pretty! shall update with photos when i get them or when they are FB-ed. heh. took a few random pictures though…

if you were wondering, these guys kept gaying on the bed. and yea, there was someone INSIDE the blanket and needless to say, it was teddy. hahaha. they were like so high…

after that he got taupok-ed. poor buddy was in a bad position so he kena it as well. i think the blurrest guy (in the picture) is the mastermind of all tortures. poor freshie girls were inside too but they got 1st hand view of everything. hahaha.

almost died.

and the arrival of babe!  i think ron was apparently trying to scare her but never succeed. he was too slow. but i think that sneaky face of his was quite classic. LOL

anyways, we chatted a lot, trash talked, drank, kings cup-ed (and yes, i tio the very first bloody KINGS CUP), indian poker-ed, i’ve never-ed, truths & truths-ed, hung over. really bad feeling but thanks buddy and shirong for accompanying me and the ride home. (:

on a side note, made durian puffs with boss at work on Friday and finally FINALLY, we succeeded! the past 2 times we did, somehow, it failed on us badly. hahaha.

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