sour grapes.

had this really nice cupcake with hot chocolate fudge on it. *yums* shall not reveal where i had it yet until the time is ripe. heh heh. and i made a wasted trip to school today for a pretty stupid reason but still, i had a good day all in all. anyways, since school is like  my 2nd home, it’s no big deal that we spend almost everyday there also.

lecture ended REALLY EARLY yesterday. so weird that the morning class didn’t have enough time completing only 3 out of 5 chapters while the afternoon class finished that same 3 chapters in less than 2 hours and didn’t continue because we had to be fair. probably that’s the difference between a bigger class and a smaller class. so yea, up to council room for bash meeting after that and sat in all the way till past dinner time.

went KAP for dinner and i had a packet of large fries plus that much amount of ketchup. i think you can call me ketchup queen! LOL, i merely commented i like ketchup and somehow, flora and tart each took some for me and i ended up having 5 of them. *laughs* so since they are there, i had to finish them, right? (:

the female excos are really funny. they sat in a row like that, which idk why. just a random shot that shows bhavani is always camera-ready, jerlene’s really busy with her food, ena is laughing with her contagious laughter which she cannot really stop and shubs decides to just sit there. heh.

last but not least, a “group” photo val took. well, somehow mr RONALD TAN insist that i only look good from the back so i decided i should just take photo that way. hur hur. OH, and i had an awesome rollercoaster ride on shirong’s car home. i must have been a mountain tortoise to NOT have gone through that road before when it’s so near my place. -.-” or maybe, it wasn’t as thrilling so i never remembered it. hahah.

it wasn’t supposed to matter.