on laughing streak.

don’t you think the face on the egg suits it so much? i reckon that was the reason it broke – to suit its face! *laughs* but i really like the whole series of them; evans drew them really adorably. heh. anyways, did the crash-half-of-each-class lecture thingy today and it kinda sucks. i totally couldn’t get what sherman was talking about or maybe, i just didn’t bother to. so i ended up staring blank and then scribbling pictures.. hurhur.

anyways, caught these shows while i was at home yesterday. seems like a lot but i still got like double, triple, or even more than 4 times of a list of movies in my laptop that hasn’t been watched. (probably that’s why it’s lagging like hell)

yups, as the title goes, caught this movie earlier on with a couple of councilors at cineleisure just now. had a really really good laugh although parts of the show was really lame. and nah, it’s not even a horror film but there were certain parts that actually made us scream. i guess the sound effects really does its job well. i think the visual effect (of some parts) was kinda bad though. hmm.. well well, it’s a local production afterall, can’t expect THAT much from it also. hahaha. in short, it’s quite worth a catch for some LOL moments but hmm, review is subjective. (:

and these are the next on my list. however, if they aren’t going to be watched anytime soon (like in this week), i’ll just funshion them. so economical right? just that they have to join the queue of the long long list that’s pending in my movie list. heh.

ps: thankyous evans for the lift home! (:

laugh my sorrows away.