happiest moment of the week.

at 5.02pm; we released our duper rushed MR report into the BBMKG box! *phews* glad we made it in time! we only completed it at like 3.30pm, sent to althea for printing, then met up in school to bind and submit. finally, it’s time for some break before starting on the last project. *grins*

anyways, hopefully my name doesn’t appear in ANOTHER report again this time round! the lecturer keeps assuming my name is indicated repeatedly and finds issues with me on that. it’s not even funny but he makes it sound like a joke in the lecture. -.-”

SIM-UOL bazaar going on in the atrium for the past few days. didn’t really concern me actually since i was too busy to even “shop” there. oh well, but we did walk around quite abit though. and i settled a couple of my wants too. heh.

but the happiest thing of that day was: SEEING MY LOVE AGAIN!! ((: asked her down to meet me since she was just upstairs. missed her so much please.. of course, the other two as well! hopefully we are meeting this weekend!

headed to ngee ann to continue with our projects before we realised all that we’ve done was pretty much redundant. *laughs* we consulted the MR lecturer back in poly and he gave us some advices on what to do. in short, we kinda redid the whole project. yes, in TWO days again. lols.

headed home to bathe, change and pack before rene drove us back to her house. well, i so wished we’re there again NOT for projects but still, i guess we didn’t have much of a choice. haha..

the first hour or two was spent enjoying the environment, slacking around and stuff. and of course, the two pet-lovers were so happily playing with the adorable creature which i didn’t want to get myself near to.

a kidplate drawing by me!

into the night, and we were all duper sleepy. but i managed to stay awake till morning! hahah, proud of myself? not really. because for that couple of hours, i did nothing really constructive. probably just combining and editing a few stuffs here and there.

the lighting does make people wants to sleep though.

we had krispy kreme donuts for breakfast after our duper-expensive-McDelivery McBreakfast. thanks rene for the host and everything else! ((:

met up with babe in school and we had reese’s peanut butter chocolate cups as well! it was a mini sinful treaty Wednesday! *grins* oh well, but the day in school really sucked. firstly, the report is so not done and everyone’s already VERY TIRED after the overnight thingy and all. and then, the phone reception was TOTALLY GONE for the entire day! *curses starhub* kinda lost contact with the whole world and gotta immune myself in the world of MR PROJECT. -.-”

oh yes, and these are the loots from the bazaar! not the thumbdrive though. i bought a 4gb one for daddy and exchanged the cap with him! GREEN! but okay lah, i realised that the pink one suits the keychain more. lols. rights, actually wanted to get the harddisk as well. but the size i wanted was out of stock and the colours are seriously damn ugly. oh well..

anyways, MR class today was canceled. though we wanted to crash the morning one (as usual) to spare us from attending a make-up class, we couldn’t afford the time! met up at west mall and back to my place to continue on our yet-to-complete report and finally finished up after much struggle. right after i sent the report to althea for printing, the 5 of us started photobooth-ing on rene’s macbook. LOL

more on facebook, as usual! ((:

my personal favourite for the day! the blank space is left for althea. but sorry babe, i ain’t THAT pro to photoshop you in, but you know that’s for you! ALRIGHTS! i’m so happy now that i can kinda enjoy my weekends since there’s no school tmr! but sadly, the council KTV was YESTERDAY and i had to give it a miss because of this project. (!@$&^!$@&#!) even more sadly, my darlings don’t wanna go KTV with me tmr.. *sighs*

if it’s a good thing, i’ll smile.
but if it’s a bad thing, i won’t frown. (: