i hate what i’m going through right now. i hate feeling so useless towards the deadline that’s so near. an hour of sleep makes me cranky and brings in my giant mood swing as well. i’m sorry to my groupies if i sounded harsh or rude today. i get so duper bitchy when i’m in a foul mood; and i hate myself for that. my brain’s not working anymore and i hate how much MR is killing me..

so much fun i wanted to have. so much that i’ve missed out. so much i’ve sacrificed. i hate having to think of things i shouldn’t be thinking about. i hate feeling so out of place. i’m just kinda tired. but well, hang in there; just a few more hours and i’ll be free-er. i ought to have a good weekend, even if everyone else ain’t free for me.. (:

you’re like a burglar.