too used to it…

yay, one thing off my list. although i actually wanted an 8gb one, i’m quite settled on this for now since it’s a gift from daddy. heh. but the funny thing is, he thought i liked pink. would be nice if it was in green instead. but well, i USED TO love pink so yup, thanks still!

anyways, i’ve just completed the LAST tutorial for MR. it’s a really dumb one but alrights, will be satisfied enough to get that pathetic 2% for the effort put in! then it’s two more days to rush (again) before MR report’s due. honestly, i still have no clue on what we have to do. all other groups seemed to have this focus group thingy which my group didn’t propose doing. BUT WELL, let’s see what stunts we can do in the next two days. *laughs*

photobooth with rene in the room on Saturday while the rest went for lunch. she finally uploaded the photos! funny but i still think the previous one with the six of us made me laugh worse. total retardedness. hahaha..

selected few; more on facebook! ((:

from yesterday; when ngee ann cut off electricity on us.

off to the lab before lecture to get some stuffs printed as well as meeting up to tidy up and arrange our OB report. while the rest was busy writing the useless program viewing log meant for the appendix to thicken our report…

me and babe camwhored; because we finished ours already! spent the rest of my time vandalising many many walls on facebook. call me crazy or simply, overwhelmed by boredom. but i think the computers in the lab runs damn fast and i like it. hahaha.

babe and our TWO-DAYS product. i know i’ve been emphasizing on that the whole day going “two days, TWO DAYS!” hahaha. rights, shall not be so proud of it until we get back our grades for it..

and dancing partner always visits me during lecture break on Mondays. or should i say, i will always be there to accompany her for the lonely half an hour? heh. okay lah, we keep each other entertained! ((:

caught wushuyi passing by and got her to join us for some talkcrap session as well. seriously, they never fail to make my day. then, sometimes i just wonder.. if the both of them chose RMIT instead of UOL, how will school life differ? but of course, i’m still happy to have babe, rene, sab, isabel and cheryl as my group mates! ((:

browsed through old photos and i can’t help digging this up to post! the makeover session we went in May last year for our 2 years of friendship. my outfit was damn mismatch but i really enjoyed that session. gotta wait another 3 years before the photoshoot date set with DAZ to celebrate our 10 years anniversary! hahah, i wonder if that day will ever come..

a tiny bit too sudden.