TWO down; a tiny break.

new members in my family. got home and saw them occupying my table. hur. cute is cute; i’m glad they are not my responsibility. sister’s of course, and maybe someone who claims to be my brother-in-law. hahaha.

anyways! finally am able to squeeze some time for the photos rotting inside my phone. still have so much more all around, inside babe’s camera, rene’s macbook… but here, is my set! don’t be surprised, most of them are taken while we were chiong-ing our projects! woot. how much fun eh? ((:

me & babe under the heavy umbrella under the scorching hot sun! had no classes on Wednesday so we headed down to rene’s place for projects. i swear the journey was bloody long BUT still, i really like her house. will definitely go down again but hopefully it won’t be for PROJECTS! anyways, it has been really SUNNY that few days while we were busy with projects. can you imagine how much we missed; all the potential sun-tanning sessions? ):

renetohjiawei and her beloved PISTOL. yes, that little big dog who made me cry. i won’t deny he is cute, he wasn’t fierce, he didn’t bark; but, it’s just me. i’ve this fear since young and most of the time, it’s hard to overcome it. i just can’t help shouting for help when these creatures come near me. LOL

bernie came over and drove us out of that hard-to-reach place to adam food centre for dinner. didn’t join them so i took a bus back home. but it was lovely of him to come over from so far away! so yea, that was the first time i said he’s more than goodwill! hahaha.

Thursday was spent on DC project as usual. went over the ngee ann library and moved to the atrium after it closed. the stress was super heavy while this sense of urgency sets in; guess this is the first time i’ve ever felt so pressurized, rushing a project which is going to be due the next day and am not even close to done! lovely group mates; we all stayed up and yes, all done at 3am!

Friday was great because the feeling of having a project down rocks. was damn cheery the whole day which i guess was the cause of the next-project-due discussion being unconstructive. had our department meeting after that, followed by dinner at Rocky’s. and then bernie sent us home again! more than goodwill already! hahaha. waiting for pictures! *hints babe*

and of course, with two days left to the next dateline, we had to utilize our weekends. booked the discussion room in SIM for the very first time. although the rooms weren’t sound-proof and as good as those in ngee ann, i kinda like it. at least the whiteboard was pretty useful. but the thing is, they should have MARKERS in working condition. hahaha..

everyone concentrating hard. hey sab, please pay attention to your work, not the camera! LOL. alright, then feeling very useless sitting there staring at the same old screen, i decided to head down to the library to grab some textbooks while the rest went to fill their stummys. WELL…

came back and got a shock out of my life to THIS MESS. renetohjiawei sat there like nothing happened. hur. the only thing she told me was “look at the video”. and who’s behind all these? TEDDY AND BERNIE! thanks alot huh.. but i swear the video was damn funny.. babe, you should probably upload it to facebook! *laughs*

look at the mess!

and some footprints?

thank you teddy. -.-“

a post-it note on rene’s macbook for damn long but it proved INEFFECTIVE! hahaha. alright, maybe it was effective for awhile? but btw, i kinda like this photo. is it me or it’s pretty? HAHA, okay i shall stop praising myself.. so random. played with photobooth again and there’re so so so many more retarded photos! haha, shall upload them when rene does.

rights, those were the books i borrowed! so glad i managed to get daddy to fetch me. i’m not spoilt okay; that’s like the very first time daddy actually fetched me from tertiary school. yes, not even when i was studying in ngee ann. i think the last time he fetched me to or from school was in sec 3 or 4. ((:

but yea, TODAY YESTERDAY, i drove to school myself. for the sake of the books, and that i was too lazy to take public transport. it’s a sunday anyways! that’s when my boy is supposed to move around! heh. had sister to carry those books down for me and she actually bragged about how light those books were. ARGH, am i weak or is she just too strong? -.-”

started working from about 1pm and finally felt the motivation coming while i was combining and editing the report. but, the momentum was interrupted by this stupid announcement from the school saying it will be closed in 15 minutes time. TIME CHECK: 6pm. yes, like WTH. so much for the school fees huh.. not much of a choice so we headed to ngee ann to continue our work..

kept the report going although we were all so smelly from all the heat and sweats because our objective was to get it done. was down to the four of us, with althea working from home and cheryl being forced by us to enjoy her anniversary dinner. at 10pm, *poof* and the lights went on strike. despite the darkness, we continued working! okay, this is getting dramatic.. hahaha.

nothing much actually. the only hard part was when we were packing up. anyways, i think if wasn’t for my boy, i wouldn’t want to stay that late. but i had dinner waiting for me at home which i guess was one of the motivating factor! OH OB, MOTIVATION! *laughs*

last photo at the toilet before we left for home.

my boy! rights, if you realised, he was parked in the middle of TWO LOTS. but please note, it WASN’T me! i entrusted him to rene and sab for a scary half an hour, praying they will all be back safely. HAHA. okay, i wasn’t with them but i heard it was frigging funny with her driving a manual car and stalling in the middle of the road. well, not surprising actually. i’m sure anyone who’s been driving an auto car for too long will do the same. heh.

but yes, we are done now! WOO. cheerios to my lovely groupmates! although we are duper last minute chiongsters who only work under pressure, we are still good. hahah, imagine OB being done in just TWO days. erm, hope we’re on the right track though.

apologies to my DAZ for having to postpone our date but i really had to prioritise. can’t afford fun when serious stuffs are not done. but next weekend, i promise! will take time out for you girls! and sorry to reyna too for not being able to celebrate your birthday with the gang, hope you guys had fun! alrights, TWO more projects to go and it’s time for some rest before mugging season begins. (:

i realised, and i figured.
that should be it..