i got over it.

had a long day at work on Saturday; very grateful to gab who saved my day like how fifi did on Friday. heh. shall skip the details though. rights, then had a duper long and draggy discussion with the clique online. had suggestions from barrage to settlers or minds to exploring Singapore to mall-hopping to picnic. was quite settled for that decision at probably 2am in the morning but the plan was then changed back to barrage a couple of hours later which is approximately an hour before meeting time. indecisive eh? but i had a great day! heh. left them in the evening to attend cuthbert’s 21st, followed by the KTV date with the gang before jimmy’s enlistment on Thursday.

the sign for our destination of the day.

meeting time was supposed to be at 1.30pm. but dear beng reached at 2pm while ah chu reached at about 2.30pm! *faints* so yea, we sat there staring into blank space for an hour, with our stomach all growling like crazy. and now i really believe that there is NOTHING out there at marina bay. i mean, not even a 7-eleven! gosh. thankfully, ah chu brought a packet of mini toblerones which he claims to be our xmas presents but i prefer to treat that as his apologies for being late. well, at least 2 of that settled my stomach a little. ((:

ah chu then led us to the bus stop which was a duper far walk under the scorching hot sun which we then realised is not the stop for the shuttle bus. hahah. had to walk back after that and i admit i was all in complainy and whiny mode. oh well, i was quite like that for the entire day actually BUT i choose to blame it on the weather. heh, i’m NEVER cheery in such hot weather because i get irritated like REAL easily. but well, at least we gotten onto the shuttle bus quick enough to cool me down. heh.

upon reaching. took a photo with water wally signboard! well, could have met the mascot if we were to visit on the opening of the barrage itself on the 1st of November but hmm.. we’re like a month and a week late? hahaha.

some shots in the gallery.

in the demonstration room.

a proper group photo we requested one of the staffs to help us take. as gladys commented, beng FINALLY looked normal in this shot, which fion commented that it’s because he HAD to look normal in front of strangers. haha.

finding our areas. such a pity there wasn’t any toa payoh. or probably we just couldn’t find it or it was well hidden underneath somewhere. in any case, too bad, ah chu! lols.

of self-timers and gladys……

and her long hands. ((:

pretty shots and adorable kids. the big field up there was really pretty and there were quite a handful of people flying kites there. what a healthy activity for a family day. but i doubt i’ll do that because i simply can’t stand the hot sun above my head sometimes..

heh. was a little very pissed because of the weather coupled with the fact that my shades are spoilt. and i am VERY apologetic especially to fion because i think i threw my temper at her when she came over to console me a little. i really didn’t mean it, darling! ): so yes, i was throwing my temper around with myself while all these photos are taken so you don’t see me inside! but it’s really pretty there right? ((:

so yea, that pretty much marks the end of our visit to the barrage!

with my girls; headed home first to grab some stuffs before going to cuthbert’s place with daddy and mummy for his 21st birthday celebration. the food was pretty good and i may consider getting the same supplier for my birthday next year! *laughs* okay, still long, i know..

a shot with the birthday boy at the corridor. and i realised we youths are like always taking up the corridors on people’s birthday. know why? because i think we like being the FIRST people see when they arrive and that we are so kind we sacrifice the comfy places (like, inside the house) to other guests. heh.

and after a long long wait, a proper shot again with the birthday boy! (:

drove the girls down to halo bar after that. can you believe it? it was my first time going down to the area through PIE! *laughs* but nah, ask me to do it again by myself, i’ll tell you i can’t remember the route. i won’t deny i’m very dependent on others but i swear.. someday, i will learn. ((:

as usual, the alcohol i never had a part in sharing. well, but i shared the bill for these though.  hahah. i’m a disciplined driver ok? no drink-driving.. and yea, glad that i drove also because if not, i’d most probably have broken my one-month-without-alcohol promise. at least, we drivers had free flow of mixers. (:

couple of photos.

dancing to the 台客 song reyna was singing. check out the video on facebook!

some shots of them having fun.

and some serious singing in action.

i realised the last time i sang with the gang was like a long time ago in August! anyways, we sang till 2am when they are closing with the 劲歌金曲2 as our finale song. sent reyna, hsuan and amelia back after that and finally, home sweet home for me. had jimmy to send the rest. apologies to him for not being able to share the “load” because i suck at directions and that i was really too tired with all the dumbass headaches.

on a side note, i haven’t liked driving as much as i did this morning for pretty long! the first time hitting 120km/h, hogging two lanes without having to worry when it’s safe to change lanes, the empty roads and the serenity within. heh, i wished i can feel so happy each and every time i drive. then probably, i wouldn’t hate utilizing this skill i have as much. (:

good old me.