right, the pictures of the stated title are kinda overdue so, i shall not upload all of them. chosen a few but still, it needs some scrolling. before i start, do meet my toys! (:

i brought both out but only used the 4-lens one. disappointingly, after spending a couple of buckaroos on the film and developing, there was only 24 out of 36 that was visible. and among that pathetic amount, only a few was successful. my aiming was super off and most of them turned out to be shots of the floor. ):

two successful ones from my toy. (:

the first stop.

don’t we look like tourists? *laughs*

shadows – credits to wu.

the “heaven” under the HOT sun!

somewhere nice.

tickets to the main attraction.

yb’s dream house. LOL

the 2nd stop.

leaving prints.

pretty patterns.

shadows yet again.

the supposingly best group photo but underexposed. ):