here’s a short article i came across in reader’s digest some time earlier..

honestly, it didn’t help me understand whether it is supposed to be good, or bad. but it’d be quite interesting if you can get that into your head and show off these big terms to someone if they ever ask you questions regarding this topic. *laughs*

well, no doubt i like feeling tipsy, i wouldn’t deny that i hate the after-effect of the alcohol lingering in my body. somehow, it’s not nice having hangover the next day, and i especially hate feeling nauseous for the whole day, having something still churning & burning inside my stummy, drinking gallons of water but still can’t help feeling dry, then still tasting chivas in the mouth and losing appetite for all meals. but HMMM, these just don’t seem to stop my urge to drink.. i’m losing my stand on the new year resolution i set half a year ago.

*sigh* in any case, i had fun last night despite being such a zombie at work today. but regrettably, i didn’t take any photos. hopefully i can rip the only one taken from someone who did..