movie date with my girls after work. tickets were cheap but not the dinner. oh wells, i guess they balanced each other out. *laughs* anyways, the show was pretty hilarious. i’d say it’s quite worth catching although the ending was a little cliché. hmm, can you picture having a very good friend whom you meet up with so often throughout 10 YEARS that you’re so used to his/her existence? maybe it’s time to get married too! heh. i wished i had someone so special in my life like that too..

anyways, didn’t catch champions league finals cos i was too lazy to wake up. hence, i read the news first thing in the morning and it was kinda disappointing. though i’m personally not a supporter of either teams, i kinda think Chelsea deserved the title more – according to the reports and how the game was played. well well, in any case, the conclusion is: Man U won, period. (: