a little update about work.. changed department a few days ago but i don’t exactly know what post i’m holding now. in any case, time passed pretty fast ever since. been doing testing, testing, and more testing. the above picture shows a couple of test account emails i created on my domain. actually i think the email addresses are really beautiful! anyone wants one too? *laughs*

anyways, lunched with my colleagues today. yes, after more than 2 months, this is the first time i’m lunching with them. amazing huh? but still, i kinda prefer eating alone.. can’t really help it i guess. afterall, i’m really quite a loner at times..

oh, and today – 23rd May 2008 – marks the start of great singapore sale!! not like i’m a big fan of it but…. is it time to do some shopping yet?! there’re so many things i need! *looks around and start taking down notes* probably i should go work for a year and earn some buckaroos before studying again. hmmmmmm….