right, this says it all. if you still don’t know, the above is for NUS application. *smiles* the letter should arrive pretty soon i guess. sometimes i can’t help wondering if it’ll make a difference if i’d put FASS as my first choice instead. in any case, i’ll most probably try again next year. it still depends on the last letter that has yet to arrive..

initially wanted to get away from home for some retail therapy. however, didn’t manage to find any shopping mate. so yea, rotted at home the whole day until now. i wouldn’t say it is a very meaningful stay-home-day but at least, i did a few things.

haven’t had time to change my wallpaper and desktop ever since i reformatted so i decided to do it while i’m free today.. the dock icons are created by me too! heh. well, half of them were grabbed from websites but still, i edited them to match my wallpaper alrights.. (:

and anyways, have been quite into TVB again recently.. finished up the show last weekend after watching its season 1. yup, i’m referring to the one showing on channel u at 7pm every weeknight. if you loved that, this is one you should catch because i think it’s nicer than its first sequel.

am currently catching this now. the exact same scriptwriter & producer and ALMOST the same actors & actresses as under the canopy of love. episode 9 now and still counting! and if you love dogs, catch this! there’s this really adorable one in the show – named Jack. *grins*