it’s about a week more till the Graduation ceremony. been looking forward to it since donkey years ago but somehow as it draws nearer, i’m feeling the opposite.

anyways, collected the attire last week with my girls and my boy. intended to go to OurSpace@72 to chill since i’ve never been there before. unfortunately, that particular place never seems to be on good terms with me; it was closed for some noobie event for the secondary school kids. *curses*

oh, did i mention? i don’t know about the other two polytechnics but our graduation attire is so much cheaper than TP and SP’s. i’m not too sure why because i don’t think the school compromised the attire’s material. although i haven’t seen the others’, by looking at our attire alone, i’m already pretty sure that the quality of our attires won’t be inferior to theirs in any way. hmm, thinking about it.. could this be where part of our very-expensive miscellaneous fees went to? *wonders*