met up with my girls last night after a long week of office torture. (hmm, not exactly torture for me though, cos i kinda enjoyed my week, with the last 3 days as a receptionist) *laughs

we went vivo which is a super give-in to miss wushuyi because her workplace is just right beside the mall. which makes her, of cos, the first to reach, and wait the longest. our initially plan was to shop but we didn’t exactly do that. had dinner, some shopping, some ice cream, some photo-taking and then home sweet home already.

other than wu being a little overexposed, i kinda like this picture.. anyways, drove to wu’s house for a stayover after that. finally get in touch with my boy after 20 long days! heh. pictures and details under the cut. (:

after a long little walk, decided to settle down for some desserts.

shared this – which is already sinful enough.

the unexpected flash.

THERE, swinging in action – he’s a pretty strong gymnast.

wu’s “paw” prints.

ghost writing! (if you take note, my hand is a little translucent)

wu went -.-” when she realised what i was writing. *laughs

the bridge and the twist.

our legs! (like duhh..)

my happy feet & wu’s proudly painted nails.

xumige, the water splasher and the famous proud nails.

planned to con wu into taking 61 with me (cos she has a straight bus home) but in the end, she took it willingly! haha. throughout the ride, we were trying to get permissions to the car, the house and stuff like that. so yea, as stated, drove my boy to her house after bathing.

the time we arrived in her room.

while waiting for her to bathe.

our twin laptops!

specs – again, mine’s fake of cos.

legs under blanket. i think it kinda look like us inside though.

we were watching The Water Horse on PPS, thinking it’d make us cry. but well, after a long tiring day, we K.O-ed like about halfway through the show. then we both woke up in the middle of the night to switch off our laptops..

we started our day watching doraemon with breakfast bought by wu’s mummy. and it’s so nice of her to remember i’m a vegetarian, thanks aunty! wu drove us out to BPP for lunch while i tried to learn my directions..

breads for the family?


by the poolside!

and that’s us, naked faces.