did i mention that my boy’s plate came out in the 4D starters two days ago? too bad i don’t gamble, so no luck for a little fortune. who would expect it to come out anyways? lol. and to add on, i kinda miss him. ):

alrights, after some choosing and editing, you can find a couple of photos taken during yesterday’s trip under the cut. shall let the pictures do the talking unless otherwise needed. alternatively, full set of photos (including all the randomly taken toys) can be found here. (:

met up at city hall and as usual, mr tan yong beng was very late. kinda pissed us off a little but it’s over. maybe next time we will have our revenge. *evil grins*

admission tickets at 50% from 1st – 30th april. grab yours?

not feeling blue at the bluey stairways.

the arrow leading to 3rd storey – our favourite storey.

the super long hopscotch – i admit i dont know how to play.

one of my favourites because, it represents me – SLEEPY! (:

the scary view from above.

the super comfy sofa on our favourite storey.

it became a good place to cam-whore.

with self timer on the shelves.

keep a lookout for the new giant lost toy.

pretty glassy reflections.

spot us! (:

we finished looking through the 4-storey toys exhibition in i think less than half an hour. to be honest, it was a little disappointing. probably because we were all expecting much more. then, we went back to our favourite storey with the super comfy sofa…

and started gaming away..

but soon.. we girls got bored, and started cam-whoring.

i’m pretty sure the guys can just stay there the whole day until their PSP die on them. but of course, that’s the last thing we want happening. thus we girls decided to move away from the museum to our next stop..

Haji Lane. (:

the steep stairs to the shophouses.

it’s a shopping paradise.

have heard a lot about Haji Lane selling pretty clothes (but very expensive) but have never been there. to think it is in the vicinity of Kampong Glam which i went like countless time during LAM project a semester ago.. hmm anyways, passed by this shop and decided to pamper ourselves…

with some ice-cream. i think my strawberry tasted the nicest. (:

that’s PLUCK cafe..

as expected, with a place we can comfortably settle down, the PSP consoles are out for show again. naming themselves the Monster Hunter Dreamteam, they started their MH again. so of course, we walked out and bid them goodbye. then off we went for some photo & retail therapy session.

i think we’ll love to have a tripod stand.

a little of colours and swing.

my girls in the frame.

this is my favourite; credits to wu.

the only shop that we shopped & purchased from – see our paper bags? (:

it cost me my one-day pay.

actually i’m not sure if it’s worth the money as it looked quite normal. but i fell in love with it at first sight, probably because it is green, and it’s checkered! contemplated for a while before i decided to splurge on it. thereafter, promising myself not to spree for a week.. heh.