been sleeping late recently. and the cause was #1: catching life made simple on & #2: sending the super big photo file to my girls. so as expected, sleepy germs made me doze off during work. but come to think of it, i wasn’t exactly working also.. heh.

been finding things to do.. other than drawing, i searched for online news to read from yahoo, mypaper, today and thenewpaper. then, i came across this news which is also published in the new paper today.

[click to enlarge]

it’s like totally incest right? i don’t understand how they can do it. so is their baby going to be his child or his grandchild; her child or her sibling? it’s so complicated to even draw the links. but well.. since there is no right or wrong in love, who are we to judge them?

anyways, something interesting.. i bought my train concession today and it only cost me $7.50! *laughs* i didn’t cheat the machine ok.. it’s because the student card is EXPIRING next monday. how sad. i’ll be a step closer to leading an adult’s life without student privileges. ):