out of a sudden, i missed watching soccer matches like how i did a couple of years ago.. heh, so i made it a point to wake up this morning to support my idol’s team! i’d say it is one of the most thrilling games i’ve ever caught. 6 goals with 3 scored in the last 8 minutes.

i didn’t actually think Reina would concede any goals on home ground but i guess it was inevitable. the 1st goal by Diaby made daddy & i go “AWWW”.. and then Hyypiä’s beautiful goal brought Liverpool back on tie with the opponent (and we went “YES!”). then, the whistle was blown for first half, settling the two teams at a fair score of 1-1.

second half started off pretty competitively and it wasn’t long before Torres sent the ball flying into the net, breaking the tie to lead at 2-1. was pretty amazed by Walcott’s performance – being young is good. he did a solo run all the way from his side, cutting through a couple of Reds at lighting speed, and assisted Adebayor to Arsenal’s 2nd goal. it was considered a tragedy for Liverpool with that being an away goal. but almost immediately after, Kolo Touré’s foul gave the Reds a perfect chance to lead again. my dear Gerrard was totally off his usual form but fortunately, he didn’t miss the penalty kick.. with less than 5 minutes to the final whistle, Benítez played defense by substituting Riise in to take over striker Torres. shortly after, Babel safely ensured the team a place in semis with his final goal at 92nd minute, giving Arsenal an impossible mission to catch up.. *grins*

i wouldn’t expect Liverpool to lose because afterall, it’s Anfield. so yea, they advanced with the aggregate score of 5-3! next up for the team will be semi-finals against Chelsea. not very hopeful but of course, i’ll still be on my Reds’ side because… you’ll never walk alone! (: