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Japalang love

wants it gone.

tried the shiseido black mask on my nose earlier on and wow, so many blackheads! seriously, of my face, i kinda gave up hope trying to make it better already. even the strongest cream the doctor prescribed me doesn’t seem to work. haha, i guess my only wish now is that it doesn’t get worse? :\

Mondays usual..

The reds battle


woot, liverpool did it again! this time, they trashed man utd. heh. but still, the latter is on the top of the league. hmms. caught the 2nd half of the match and goals highlights online with daddy after i got home. it kinda looked like a match of penalties huh. caught the screenshots of gerrard kissing the camera after his penalty goal. damn cute lah. lols.

saturday classes.

Sweet treats

no longer expecting,

the sweet treat from the sweet girl, who is none other than my babe, althea teng. hehs. i thought the cupcake looked really pretty, with tissue paper as the background. it was just coincidental, didn’t put there on purpose. in any case, 3 bites and it’s in my stomach right after this shot was taken. (:

more treats..


and i wished..

my pretty boy was so awesome this morning. did you catch that? hahaha.. okay lah, i have to admit i haven’t been watching soccer. but i do catch the highlights alright! nothing much actually but there’s one thing i like a lot about the picture: the jersey! i’ve been wanting to get it since 73881222 years ago but nah.. i still think it’s too expensive for me to invest on one. OH WELL..

on a happier note..

Reds vs Blues 2nd league

credits to the pretty boy’s own goal in the previous league, i had to stay up until 5plus for the ET. the Reds could have already gotten their passport to Moscow if not for that fateful goal. but well, don’t read on if you don’t want to know the results. *smirks at gladys*

through my sleepy eyes…

Reds vs Blues 1st league

my Reds almost did it.. two goals in total against the Blues with an empty score sheet. too bad one was scored on the wrong side of the field. it was already like the last 5 seconds! damn riise’s head.. seriously dumb. now Chelsea is leading with an away goal not scored by them! *grumbles

and i’m quite sure this isn’t his first own goal for LFC.

Reds victory

out of a sudden, i missed watching soccer matches like how i did a couple of years ago.. heh, so i made it a point to wake up this morning to support my idol’s team! i’d say it is one of the most thrilling games i’ve ever caught. 6 goals with 3 scored in the last 8 minutes.


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