no longer expecting,

the sweet treat from the sweet girl, who is none other than my babe, althea teng. hehs. i thought the cupcake looked really pretty, with tissue paper as the background. it was just coincidental, didn’t put there on purpose. in any case, 3 bites and it’s in my stomach right after this shot was taken. (:

had cereals during break again, contributed by renetohjw. i still rmb the last time, babe brought honey stars while i brought coco crunch. seems like the groupie does like cereals a lot. my personal favourite is still the blue box on the left – frosted flakes! i’ve got sweet tooth so actually, anything sweet just appeals to me..

almost rainbowish. stayed in school for a couple of hours after class for projects but somehow, i did no additions to the currently blank report. sighs.

PMs that calls for a screen shot. and our dear tayobe is leaving for India soon. like.. tmr, right? have a good and safe trip; don’t get too tanned, don’t go crazy over buying curry for zz and fion, don’t come back with a weird slang, and don’t get an Indian wife. oh, you can look for potentials for zz and fion though. heh. bon voyage! okay, i don’t actually think he will be reading this anyways. lol.

on a side note, liverpool thrashed real madrid last night this morning! it’s quite unbelievable actually, considering that the opponent was REAL MADRID. haha. but well, it’s the fact and my charming idol scored twice! heh. (:

anyways, the weird diarrhea hasn’t got better. it came to me at bloody 6am this morning, which totally disrupted my sleep. but at least i’m glad i haven’t been running to the toilets while i’m in school. keeping my fingers crossed again in case i jinxed what i just said.

i think i’m finally over.