cotton candy crush?

birthday poster for zz which you’ll be seeing like REALLY often in this entry later. heh. anyways, he was surprisingly out from fieldcamp early so we had an impromptu meet-up for KTV at night as i had to work in the day. tell me how many guys are so lucky to be out of camp on their actual 21st birthday? not much actually if considering that they are serving the nation. (:

so yup, as usual, Mondays are work days and fortunately for me, ferlyna babe was working too. then boss left for home early, leaving the place for the 3 girls to havoc, erm, i meant look after. (:

changed into chen ling’s slippers because my papillio was like totally drenched in the sudden heavy rain. if you know, they grow mould and smells if they are not dried properly. reached bugis damn early to get the poster printed and for some shopping when it started pouring. i even had to buy an umbrella from giordano because there was no way i could get over to work without needing a towel and a set of fresh dry clothes. oh well, little investment.

was browsing through magazines in our free time and i came across this little box in SEVENTEEN and found it kinda cute. lol. cotton candy crush; what an adorable term. i think it kinda describes what i always use as eyecandies and speaking of that, i’m pretty sure most of my friends will know who fits the bill for MY CCC. heh.

and we shared almost all our favourite dishes for lunch: the fried bee hoon and chopped potatoes by chen ling plus the baked curry rice and cheese spicy spaghetti! *grins*

and zz got to stand at one of the corners at roma’s for 5 seconds.

made our all-time favourite pizza bread for dinner.

ferlyna babe looking all satisfied. (:

headed over to halo bar after that to see poor zz all alone in the room. g went home to get car while the other two drove off to holland v to get a cake. hahah. damn good at how they could lie and convince the birthday boy without him being suspicious. but well, maybe he was aware but he just didn’t want to disappoint us. still, i prefer to think that he got a good surprise. *grins*

preparing the cake outside while we were supposed to be in the toilets. as usual lah. actually this kinda act is like so cliche right? but what to do.. maybe we’ll need like some new ideas next time for surprises? haha.

done with lighting the candles!

like yea, TWENTYONE of them!

at least zz still looks happy in the videos and pictures. g commented that he never stopped smiling ever since the cake arrived. really hoped he liked it. i guess the only sad part was that mingwei ain’t with us because not everyone gets to book out on weekdays man!

the candles and all the whats-not.

then presenting part I of his birthday present!

appreciating or pouting?

finished up the cake and the supper before we continued singing. speaking of that, birthday celebrations at KTV is like always paying money to use the room and background music only.

everyone’s gonna get one poster for their birthday and i guess by the end of the year, we can just bring the posters out when any one of us are missing from the outings so we can just tag their faces! saves us the trouble of leaving an empty space or photoshopping them in. wow, great idea huh. hur hur.

one of my favourite shots of the night. i was the first to sign and weird enough, everyone signed like at equivalent level and BELOW. so funny lah. so now, we have one huge empty space at the top for mingwei. make sure he draws another portrait or write a long chump of sweet nothings to fill up the space. hahahah.

our love notes. (:

and zz signed at the front. now, it’s really a poster. LOL

last but not least, a group shot with an empty space for.. you know who lah. (:

and HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY PZZ! although it’s belated now.

met up for awhile in the morning for ethics project and we FINALLY finalised our articles. well, i shall not remind myself that the project is due in about 4 weeks’ time. anyways, a shot taken in the toilet after renetohjiawei changed and feeling shy before we headed off to holland v. oh btw, thank you g for the LBD! (:

skipped ethics lecture for this! but well, actually i wouldn’t have gone for the lecture even if there wasn’t a photoshoot. hahaha.

always looking at the place from outside, i think it’s my first time being inside.

the photoshoot took about 3 hours although the whole 2 hours and 45 minutes was spent watching people get shot. but yea, the photographer is pretty good. saw some of the shots taken on his flickr and all looking great! haha. but well, i think the scene for me and babe was kinda weird and i think i looked really horrendous. in whatever view or position and that stupid flat hair, i wished we could have a more normal shot instead. in any case, the shoot’s over and we shall just wait for the final set of photos to be up! (:

on a side note, have been having diarrhea at unearthly timings these days. i wonder what has gone wrong with my body but the lack of sleep because of that has been causing me to miss my alarm. i’m glad my auto body alarm clock still works fine although a little lagged so yup, i haven’t missed any important dates. but on that issue, am keeping my fingers crossed just in case i happen to not wake up for lessons tmr..

take the plunge.