and i wished..

my pretty boy was so awesome this morning. did you catch that? hahaha.. okay lah, i have to admit i haven’t been watching soccer. but i do catch the highlights alright! nothing much actually but there’s one thing i like a lot about the picture: the jersey! i’ve been wanting to get it since 73881222 years ago but nah.. i still think it’s too expensive for me to invest on one. OH WELL..

on a happier note, i finished compiling and beautifying the report this afternoon! met our deadline of 12pm initially but pokie wanted to add more stuffs so it dragged a little. but all in all, we’re DONE! and yes, babe got it printed and i’ve collected it from her so, it is safely lying on my table right now. finally done with the last project of the semester. 4 more papers and if nothing goes wrong, it will mark the end of my semester 3! ((:

spent the rest of my day catching epsiodes of Gossip Girl and Hot Shot. feel so sad that i couldn’t join my groupies at acid bar! still not feeling very well and i don’t think i’m in a condition to drink. SIGH. anyways, i’m not having a sore throat but i kinda feel like i’m having a swollen throat cos swallowing saliva kinda hurts… tsktsk.

and i got really pissed today. my laptop hung 4 times throughout the day i had to “kill” it which broke my heart the first time, crack my heart the second, hurt my heart a little the third, and froze my heart the last. i’m quite immune to that *tiak* sound it produces when i pressed & held the tiny button on the top right hand side of my keyboard until the screen blanks out already.

i’ve got one whole free day tomorrow! how i wished i can find some activities to occupy myself. *pouts* or should i simply start studying already? oh man…

and i like to think of you..