for someone special..

this post is specially for my beloved babe who turns 20 today! wanted to do this post pretty long ago but i guess today is the most suitable day for it. here’s a galore of photos we took since 2005! *GRINS* although we’ve been “separated” for a year or two in between, this friendship of 3.5 years will never be denied.

she’s like one of the precious person in my life now whom i see almost everyday; knows my eating habits almost far too well; always look out and fight for me to ensure i don’t starve; always there to encourage me when i’m down; always have to put up with my whining in school; always gets random scoldings from me and never complains; and.. i will think of more. hahaha.

thanks for being there babe, you know that no matter how much i scold you, i love you still!

14 June 2005

in lecture; probably one of the first photo we ever took!

15 June 2005

inside the neoprint machine after the class outing to movies!

20 June 2005

in class; during yong beng’s birthday.

23 June 2005

outside class celebrating mingwei’s birthday.

20 July 2005

TB24 ice-skate gathering at fuji ice palace.

21 July 2005

TB24 beach outing to sentosa the next day.

29 August 2005

during some boring class where we wore the same colour shirt!

15 September 2005

on the bus to JP after our paper.

24 November 2005

during one of the trips to partyworld. (yes, she used to go!!)

28 November 2005

some random picture which i stated i hate comparing eyes with her.

14 December 2005

our very first formal presentation. (my whole group bought the same blouse)

02 February 2006

during NP open house; on shuttle bus to our duty.

06 February 2006

random shot in class while other groups were presenting their projects.

09 February 2006

13 March 2006

another rare trip she joined us at kbox

21 March 2006

at one of the beauty salons in far east after an eyebrow styling session.

31 March 2006

at rena’s house.

?? March 2006

one of our mapling session when she helped me with my quest!

04 April 2006

pyjamas party at the first ever TB24 chalet.

06 April 2006

sleepy looks at playground; before we checked out of the chalet.

12 April 2006

at partyworld again for amelia’s birthday.

18 April 2006

helping out at bAoc 2006.

26 May 2006

when we randomly bumped into each other because TRM students were around the area.

we were already in different classes that semester. because this precious girl decided to switch to diploma in TRM and left us! thus, we didn’t actually meet up as often anymore, which explains the lack of photos. from then on, there were only a couple more taken during occasions like birthdays? hahaha..

20 December 2006

my 18th birthday celebration!

09 March 2007

zhizhong’s 19th birthday..

28 May 2008


note the great leap? here’s what i meant by we “separated”. hahaha. was quite surprised when she told me she was going to SIM too. was thrilled to know that she enrolled in the exact same course as me, RMIT BBMKG! *laughs* never thought that we’d be in the same course again. i swear i’m so thankful to have her because without her, i won’t imagine myself, being a lonely soul, to go for orientations, school events, and even joining council! ((:

26 June 2008

SIM-RMIT orientation!

05 July 2008

networking session which i dragged her to go along with me.

02 August 2008

initiation day when we only met up during dinner because we were in different groups.

12 August 2008

council-wide KTV session which she gave up rejecting to accompany me.

22 August 2008

in council room after we having the same thought of cleaning up the place.

30 August 2008

MnP gathering.

06 September 2008

dolling up at her place before BASH.

13 September 2008

after a long day’s walk for DC project.

22 September 2008

and i’m sure, many many MANY MORE to come…