not that bad after all..

rights, having class on a Saturday is bad enough. not bringing the correct notes didn’t help. then what’s worse is i got a pretty deep cut from the chairs in the LT. boohoo. ANYWAYS, after class was external gathering at sentosa. so thankful to misha for driving us there! saves us all the trouble of bus-waiting, travelling, changing and yea, you know the procedures getting to sentosa? hahaha..

were late so we spent quite some time trying to get into contact with our arranged teams. so lucky to have misha with me the whole time though. we were then running and going about the sunny island, sweating buckets. i swear i looked totally unglam for the whole day. what’s more, with the hair so full of shampoo and seawater, i don’t have to mention how “great” we looked. well, was quite an experience though.

rights, what about having smelly green beans in your mouth or gulping wasabi down with h2o? it forced tears out of my poor eyes and i will never forget that burning sensation in my stomach. lols. it got worse when we started running in that condition. i almost puked but well, pretty glad i didn’t. hahaha. think most of the others did and gab looked really unwell. hmm. had the last telematch with mummies & water bombs after that and everyone was getting everyone wet. *laughs* overall, my team came in third and that towel is our prize!

had a couple of photos taken and that pretty much ended our evening. thanks zhijun for sending me out of that not-so-sunny island! then, decided to head home instead of couz’s chalet because i was way too tired. photos soon when someone uploads? ((:

oh yes, checked our assignment results. both babe and i got the same marks for OB individual; 19 and distinction! heh, damn happy although it’s not high D because it’s good enough for the very first assignment. let’s hope this continues on! i actually have good feelings for all our other group reports, EXCEPT for MR. that module is totally such a goner; i’m not kidding. i’ve no idea how to actually start studying for that module. ):

on a side note, the outbreak on my face is getting really bad! sometimes i can’t determine if it is caused by the products i’m using, or because it’s the time of the month. *sighs* to make things worse, the face seems to be getting rounder and rounder. i’m seriously gaining weight, from nothing… honestly, i don’t see myself junking as much as i did before! and…. alrights, i shall stop whining. anw girls, please don’t bitch about my blog ok? *laughs out loud*

because eventually..
everything is going to make sense..