would you be there?

photo updates for the external gathering on Saturday. credits to gary, matthew, pamela, xaiver and zhijun. why? cos i ripped the photos from facebook. HAHA. but anyways, i just selected a few here and there. (:

as mentioned, we joined in pretty late so i guess they were already down to the last few stations. this was the shampoo one where we got all our hairs wet at the southern most point of SEA. and if you are wondering how it looks to have those shampoo still ON your hair…

here’s the other group one. HAHA.

then one of the detours after that. we had two choices – chocolate or peppermint. my group, somehow, chose the latter and if you can see from the picture, it’s WASABI. yups. it makes you duper high after gulping it down but i shall not repeat it again. hahaha. but if you think choosing chocolate is better….

maybe yes, if you loved peanut butter. both was as bad i guess.

minus leo, that was my group for the day. ((:

too bright a backlight.

presenting my group’s mummy!

stocking up our group’s supply.

everyone getting ready.. (rights, note the floor)

on an attempt to protect our mummies..

we attacked other mummies of course..

now, ALL WET. (notice the floor? hahaha)


the remains of the mummies..

then a mini celebration for all Oct/Nov babies..

and it’s down to clearing up the mess.

not forgetting our big family photo.

last but not least, a department photo!
MnP love. ((: