partyworld with clique on Sunday.

beng trying REALLY hard to reach the high notes. or rather, to make himself sound screechy. in short, he just wants to kill our ears with his new style of singing. hahaha.

everyone taking photos with zz as memorial for his hair! enlisting this coming Thursday; take care friend! have fun in tekong and see ya in 3 weeks time! *grins*

then in the middle of the session, kept seeing a lot of flash on the other side of the room. and yes, obviously from the photos, it was because of mr retarded tan. he couldn’t stop doing funny faces and i kinda think he loved it. always, for his display pictures. come now, choose one!

guess he kinda got bored alone, so he dragged zz down to take with him too. but well, not AS MANY and i guess. not AS RETARDED as well. *laughs*

the clone decided to join in for a few as well.

us depicting 喜 怒 哀 乐 .

minus the fact that zz is blurred (which he happily assumes “yay, 我是鬼!”), it’s my favourite photo of the day! a couple of videos taken but i reckon they won’t be uploaded because of the size and the content. hahah.

headed to CWP for dinner. we went up and down the escalators a couple of times, undecided on where to settle down. then, because i’m not eating, i spotted the eat-all-you-can-buffet at siam kitchen and suggested to them. so yea, that was where they decided to have! ((:

notice the difference in the old and new menu! the old one was cheaper and had more variety. damn! but okay lah. somehow i guess it doesn’t make a lot of difference anyways.

the first round! didn’t bother to take for the 2nd already. haha

the different dishes they ordered.

and the happy eaters! of course, not forgetting me: the photographer! ((: