happy children’s day!

first-month goodies; time flies and it’s October already! in other words, the busiest month of the year, September, is over. looks like time to celebrate but no, exams are like nearing already. *looks at schedule on top* wow, it’s like in another 3 weeks’ time.. sounds far but it’s actually pretty near.

anyways, after an entire day of facing my laptop, textbook and the bloody thick stack of notes, i’m finally done with what i can do for the time being. not that i love compiling reports; it just seems like the only thing i can do. hahaha. because i can’t write from scratch for nuts so by compiling, i can edit, add on and enhance the whole thing! honestly, sometimes it really gets tedious.. but great! at least i feel very effective today seeing the report close to 75% done. ((:

and thanks for the concern everyone, i’m much better already! should be able to recover fully by tomorrow i guess? meanwhile, back to BB report. note to self: stop procrastinating!

i’ll be your torch in the dark..