very feverish..

just had two hours worth of talk with mummy while i lazed around in bed just now. had project meeting at my place this morning and i swear i love my groupies so much! you can never imagine how much we think alike on certain issues and how we started b*tching around like GOSSIP GIRLS! *laughs* but good and bad lah. and oh well, a rare thing on Earth just happened again; tsehwee fell sick.

have been feeling pretty unwell since i woke up and i admit i didn’t do anything much for our report at all. it’s like a sign that some virus are attacking my body very soon and it really does sucks although i’ve always loved being sick. on a side note, my laptop is like falling sick together with the owner too. it’s been lagging far too much the whole day and i SERIOUSLY think i need a hard disk to back up my precious files soon.

anyways, babe was duper funny when she said “babe, you cannot fall sick okay,” and while i thought it was like very sweet of her, she continued with “if you want you must fall sick after the project..” HAHAH, like so nice right? okay lah, but i know she still meant well though. ((:

moving around seems like a chore now and the fever just got worse after lazing around too much. honestly, for the first time i wished i can get better asap because there’s work to do and i need to meet the groupies deadline of Thursday 12pm! peeps, do send all your parts to me for compilation by tonight alright? well, and if you’re wondering why i can still blog, i’d say that right now, i can only do stuffs that doesn’t require the usage of my brain. for that, blogging is, of course, one of them. haha..

popped pills this afternoon and a minute ago but they don’t seem to take any effects yet. what’s worse; it’s pouring duper heavily outside, making the weather so cold against my feverish body. i can still feel the rising temperature in my eyes and head. what a great time to fall sick… ):

i wished i was more than just a girl..