you think you know me..

a gift from reyna! you can’t get this easily anywhere else, can you? *grins* thanks alot babe! anyways, last evening was spent at hillview park for BBQ. had a mini birthday celebration for the couple (jimmy & ferlyna). photos shall be up when MR BENJAMIN sends it to us! but hmm, so far, it has been a “wait-long-long” kind of thing. hahahaha..

well, after a long weekend.. finally got my ass back to school again. met up in the morning for projects but as usual, couldn’t get my brains onto it. i just don’t know why i can only work under PRESSURE; maybe like when the deadline is TOMORROW? *laughs* rights, i know I KNOW i really need to get started soon. what’s more, there’re no classes for the whole of this week until Saturday!

poor rene was using this duper “NEW” phone which have those *clack clack* sounds when you flip it open. so much LOVE. and can you imagine how much polyphonic ringtones used to be LOVED too? hahaha. rights, the camera ain’t too bad anyways. i had a shot of babe and me set as her wallpaper!

OB lecture was a total boredom. assuming that this chapter won’t be covered for exams, i totally shut my mind down for the whole lecture. looking forward to break time because xumige said the birthday girl is waiting for my hug outside! LOL. so the first thing i did when i went out of the LT was: gave wu a HUG! *grins*

and shiats, check out that fat thighs! ):

got home and i saw this letter from MOE to my parents. i wonder why it wasn’t addressed to me instead.. was it because they are afraid to let me know about me having this sum of money? HAHAHA. don’t know what this can be used for though but doesn’t seem much applicable to me already. how i wished i can take this money out to settle my current wants… lols.

to fall, or to get up?