choices; am moving on..

yesterday was the third SEVEN of grandma’s departure. we went down to tian jue to pay our respects. i really like the serenity of the place. it’s like a 7-stars hotel for the departed and OF COURSE, i’m going to get myself one of those squares there too. in any case, i will need it in time to come.. *laughs*

well, my weekends… i woke up to a NIGHTMARE about projects on Friday noon! can’t really remember the details but it was damn scary. i was kinda flipping through the projects or stuff like that and piles and piles of them were haunting me. gosh, see how much they drove me crazy? hahaha..

rights, then met up with shaun after that to chinatown because he was so kind and ON enough to accompany to KTV! hahaha. really nice of him because everyone else kinda didn’t want to go. so yea, in the end, it was down to only the two of us. thus, we called it a practice session instead. grabbed some chance to try a couple of the new songs. ((:

sang for four hours which i don’t know if he got bored but for me, i settled my cravings for KTV! wahah, thanks! imagine my last KTV session was during the council-wide on 12th August! and that’s like frigging long ago please..

headed to MS for dinner and as soon as we got near to the ground level, the sounds of F1 vrooming past came deafening us. seriously, it was so damn loud, and can i say NOISY? but the interesting thing is, suddenly there’s so much NIGHTLIFE in Singapore. but i swear the area was damn crowded. we chilled at Starbucks while waiting for the crowd to clear but it was getting late so i just went home with the crowds anyway. hahah.

Saturday, went CWP with mummy, aunt and cousins after visiting grandma.. got myself some loots which aunt suggested me buying to treat my face. not placing high hopes but HMM, we shall see if it gets better! *smiles*

met up with mike and jerms after that in the evening and went Roma’s for dinner. the place seems so much more fun now and i simply feel like going back to work! or probably, cos most of the customers around last night were considered “internal” people making it seemed like an unplanned gathering. hahaha. blasted CHINESE music and sang along; the whole place was pretty much like a pub. i guess the only thing lacking was beer. LOL.

movie after that at Suntec with mike’s girlfriend as well. the show was supposed to be a thriller but it wasn’t very thrilling at all. maybe abit on the gory, bloody parts but nah, i won’t recommend the show. really not worth watching. anyways, thankfully to F1, there was extension of train service! the area was still damn crowded even after midnight but the good thing was, the frequency of the service was duper high thus the train was so empty that we got seats all the way till home. heh.

had a torturous Sunday morning as usual. been too long since i last saw the kids and i actually kinda missed them! hahah. especially annabelle whom i think is still as cute and duper ‘sticky’ towards me. *laughs* BBQ session with the gang and extended later! more updates after that i hope.. on a sidenote, gotta start on BB project tmr! ):

and i just want to play on the safe side so i don’t get hurt..