credits to the pretty boy’s own goal in the previous league, i had to stay up until 5plus for the ET. the Reds could have already gotten their passport to Moscow if not for that fateful goal. but well, don’t read on if you don’t want to know the results. *smirks at gladys*

lousy passes throughout the game, i don’t understand why Kuyt was not substituted out. seriously, he really CMI which is kinda like Owen last time (towards the end). just that the latter was a little better in some sense. anyways, the opening goal at 33′ by Drogba gave Chelsea a 2-1 aggregate lead at half time.

i tried snacking to keep myself awake but was already quite gone by the time 2nd half started. well, was awaken by Torres’s pretty equaliser at 64′. many many more attempts and potential goals until the final whistle was blown but of course, there wasn’t any. oh right. that’s pretty obvious, ain’t it? because thats explains the need to go into extra time. *laughs*

and then, the most dreadful thing you will want happened: foul in the penalty box. at 98′, Hyypiä gave away a free penalty kick to the opponent. *sweats*

and as expected, it won the Blues one more point, leading 3-2 on aggregate. the kick by Lampard was pretty touching in some ways i don’t know why. probably the way he broke down in tears and pointed to the sky as if showing his deceased mum his success.

anyways, at 105′, daddy gave up watching as it was almost impossible for the Reds to turn the table around with Drogba’s 2nd goal and 15 minutes left to play. well, of course i continued watching! although without Torres (who is like the only hope for Liverpool), the Reds managed to get one more goal by Babel at 117′. at that, the ET ended with Chelsea’s victory of 4-3 aggregate. *pouts*

another deciding match in 3 weeks’ time.. the dumb thing is, 2 English teams are heading to Moscow. hahah. but well, hopefully Chelsea gets the title. (: