pamper yourself on this well-deserved break. the eve after work was KTV at aviary with the clique, followed by movie at west mall with the gang. conclusion from the KTV session, #1: Singaporeans cannot be praised, #2: tse hwee is a walking mp3. HAHAH, i didn’t claim that ok. but well, not one that produces beautiful melodies though, just one that seems to know-all. *laughs*

anyways, rushing from one place to another was what made my night a little hectic. am glad that i brought my boy along but having 9 missed calls while i was behind the wheels wasn’t very appreciated. hahaha.

went into the theatre not knowing what to expect. but eventually, got into the story and i enjoyed the movie. every part of the high-technology makes you go, “hey, that’s cool! i wished i had that too..” some parts of it kinda made me feel like i was watching transformers.. and there were really LOL parts too. do catch it if you haven’t! (: