this monthly thing is getting me all smiles. at least, catching up with the lovelies brings me back to life. i felt so off right then, just before our meeting, i almost pronounced myself literally dead..

well, we met up for the month on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. nowhere special. a simple dinner at a very nearby foodcourt. so, we sat there for hours, as if we owned the whole place, reminiscing about the secondary school memories. we never get bored; it’s like a new thing everytime we talk about those. you know we could just go on and on and on… oh right, after your exams, raisa! (:

anyways, i’m now wide awake thanks to a pretty hectically packed (to-get-some-life) day. but i reckon i shouldn’t write too much in one entry. so yup, shall do so on a separate one. but well, it’s soccer time soon. so let’s cut it short and hereby wishing everyone who deserved this break – happy labour day!