look at my pathetic stats. hahaha. and that is how much it fluctuates daily. anyways, TGIF! i’m glad my nikon email is finally up and running (after being down for weeks) because that makes it possible for me to do my work again. right, i spent one-third of my pay straight after work which explains the title of this post. but well, you may not want to know why..

because of the PH yesterday, i kept thinking it was Monday today. and i thought tmr’s fion’s last day. ): right, two more lunches with her before she leaves the tanjong pagar territory.

to not be such a kiasu typical Singaporean, i waited two days before asking my supervisors to sign my timesheet. well, quite full, ain’t it? i was pretty shocked when i looked at it. it will probably be my one and only fully-filled month since we have two PHs & graduation this month.

right, i went for rebonding after work. i guess the air in the salon is filled with spells. that’s the only explanation i can give for them being so successful in talking me into buying their products & services. they simply have to just tell me about it, and i nodded my head. *laughs* i guess they made everything sounded like i NEED it. tsktsktsk..

there, i got talked into buying the shampoo, the conditioner & some mist thingy which i don’t usually do. and then there is the hair dryer.. but of cos, i didn’t buy it. hahahah, it was a free gift. hmm, the biggest unexpected spending was the treatment which cost almost the same as the rebonding. well, so far so good though. i don’t seem to see any more split ends & white spots on my hair anymore.. (:

and *poof*, there goes a-third of my pay! that is, i think, the most i have ever spent on my hair. it may look like a bomb to some and peanuts to others but to me, it’s actually the former. well, maybe i shouldn’t really look forward to GSS. *laughs* time for some masks and sleep. have a great weekend everyone! (: