translated an SMS joke from mummy’s phone. i think i’ll die if i have a son like that. *laughs*

mum: ah boy, go and help me buy soft drink.
boy: sure, you want coke or sprite?
mum: coke.
boy: can or bottle?
mum: erm, bottle.
boy: normal or diet?
mum: normal.
boy: 500ml or 1l?
mum: (slightly irritated) tsk! you very naggy leh. water can already lah.
boy: distilled or mineral?
mum: distilled.
boy: okay, iced or non-iced?
mum: (angry) TSK! stop asking or i’ll whack you with a broom.
boy: wooden or plastic one?
mum: (fuming mad) you’re really getting on my nerves!
boy: body one or brain one?
mum: (panting mad) i.. i think i’m.. i’m going to vomit blood soon.
boy: oh, then do you need a pail or should i help you to the toilet?
mum: *faints*