another load down!

wrapped up our marcom project so much earlier than expected. was already planning to rush it like overnight but wow, we got it all done by 9.30pm! ended the day with a photobooth session. heh. i so love my groupies! just one more project and mugging period shall commence. but before that, i can’t wait for next week to arrive to give myself a little official break.

anyways, it’s April’s fool today! my entire head was like filled with stupid ideas on what pranks i can play on people before i fell asleep at 3am this morning. gosh, i think i’m so kiddish. but but but, i find it fun still. LOL. well well, at least i managed to fool a couple of my friends. gladys was one of my main target as usual; we fool her EVERY YEAR. *laughs* i got isabel tricked a little, amelia too, and my mummy! sounds like a short list of people on my “fooled” list but hmm, i may have more, just that i couldn’t rmb.

i think the funniest thing was cheryl dear actually thought i was fooling her when i reminded them that class was at 9am today. it does sound like a good joke to make but nah, it was the truth. somehow, many of the students came at 10am, i guess they must have been really stunned to see the lecture ending so early. thanks to jillian for the random call, if not, i suppose i’ll be another stunned student today as well. hahah.

oh and ferlyna & reyna babe tried to tricked me as well! wanted to call me down to work which, luckily, i didn’t have time to. i cannot imagine how i will want to bash them up if i went all the way down to realise it was an April’s fool joke. LOL, okay lah. maybe i will just ask for a free meal or something. (:

just done with Gossip Girl episode 20 and i must say, the whole plot is getting so messy. the partners-changing thing throughout the entire series is a little too much man. can’t imagine myself having a life like that. for now, i shall get my hands on the long-lost-old-love Theme Hospital i just got from darren! or maybe, i should just rest my tired eyes & soul and retire for the night. HMM….

happy April’s fool!

end of chapter.