a compass is not enough.

finally got my photoshop to work again after clearing a couple of files from my C: drive but at the expense of my iTouch library.. anyways, been back from Taiwan for nearly a week now. however, other than working on Saturday and youth group on Sunday, the only other day i stepped out of house was Friday, to school, for whatever reasons you can think of.. i just have nothing better to do i guess. or hmm.. the best reason i could think of is to distribute the box of taiyangbing i bought for the people. (:

and she’s also part of the reason. heh.

rongrong and kerkie accompanied me for dinner at Hua Jing since i had to attend the committee meeting around that area later in the night. the food wasn’t as good as i expected but thanks guys for eating with me. hope it was good enough for your tastebuds! (:

with too much time to waste, we took a stroll to gombak stadium and breeze-walked for a round before heading to another destination. anyways, the guy in the picture has been really down on his luck lately and i swear i haven’t met anyone THAT unlucky in my life. hurhur. rights, i know he won’t see this but i sincerely, with the whole of my heart, hope for the better for him. let’s believe the arrival of CNY will be a new year and new start and may all the 衰神 leave him! (:

and then, the next destination was BBDC and we actually spent a good 15 minutes there watching all the learner cars driving around the circuit. really too much time to waste. *laughs*

the meeting dragged for quite a bit and i guess i’m finally doing something to contribute to YG. not like i really want to take up the position but it seems like i dont have much of a choice. honestly, give me another year or so, i feel like just passing the responsibility on and wash my hands out of these. dont deserve nor appreciate it anyways. joined the guys for mahjong at buddy’s after that and i realised buddy is really good at encouraging people. lol. i still suck at playing though but i have to agree that noobs’ hands are really pretty lucky. (:

and lately, Autumn Concerto (下一站,幸福) has been taking up most of my time. other than 海派甜心, this is one show i highly recommend! 小小彬 is really really adorable and i thought the storyline is pretty engaging too. sigh, yet again, feel like a damn 宅女 these days because i got more than lazy to even step out to my corridor. it’s all computer, TV, bed and me. somebody, bring me back some life please…

我爱过几个人, 也被爱过几遍 ;却还是没能将幸福留下…