a good 7 days 6 nights.

just like that, the long awaited week’s trip to Taipei with EPIC is over! the weather over there was super ownage, think we hit the lowest of about 9°C on the last night. and we were all pretty champions in our dressing especially me and buddy on certain nights. imagine wearing a singlet or sleeveless top. *laughs* oh ya, we clubbed on the first night upon reaching there. bought another bottle another random night and drank again. partyworld-ed on the last night/morning for 6 hours and did a lot of other crazy stunts like walking in the rain near the sea with all the breeze. watched hai pai tian xin live on TV and loads of other variety shows. oh oh oh, and i had my hair permed the afternoon just before we flew back! (:

didn’t really follow the itinerary we planned but it was pretty useful in helping us get to places we were unsure of. the MRT there was our best friend for the week, surprisingly, the guys actually allowed us girls to go shop on our own. the hotel was good, big enough for a good night rest for the 5 of us although it was a 3-pax room. guess the only thing that suck there was the rain which dampened our spirits. don’t talk about us lazing on bed and wasting the mornings away because we utilized the night time to the fullest.

rights, of all the experiences and a fabulous time in a foreign land, thankyou guys for forever being such gentlemen, paying for the drinks, carrying our shopping bags, protecting and taking care of us in any way you can. thankyou babe for being with me. most importantly, thankyou buddy for sharing my troubles and all your champion acts of sacrificing jackets for me! the overrall trip was awesome and i love you EPIC! (:

pictures on my mini love will be up soon. the rest of the photos taken…. *looks at babe* hope to see them soon! heh. anyways, back to reality. on this sunny island where sweat is not a rare thing, time to start looking for a decent job!

moving on.