talk about it.

see all the NTD? EPIC’s gonna go on our long awaited getaway to Taipei later! in fact, our flight’s in about 12 hours’ time! heh. anyways, haven’t been blogging for one main reason – i couldn’t open my photoshop. but i figured i should do an entry before i go if not it feels like i abandoned my blog without any notice. so yup, as you can see.. the picture above has no domain stamp. hopefully i can get a job soon and get myself a new laptop and get photoshop to work again!

anyways, been busy lately. loads of random meet-ups despite working consecutively for a couple of days. 2010 has been pretty awesome so far. but one thing is that i cannot seem to have enough sleep. body clock is pretty screwed up and i’m sleeping at unearthly timings like 3am and 5am. probably that’s what explains my cui-ed face now. i should probably make sleeping early one of my resolutions too!

speaking of that, for the resolution i mentioned in the previous entry.. haven’t got time to do a good personalised site but i’ve revamped my tumblr for my a photo a day project so ya, you can check it out in my links on the right! missed out one day though, forgot to even take any pictures. in any case, gonna be away for a good 6 days so i’d probably post the individual daily photos when i’m back. of cos posting time gonna be screwed but i’ll make sure i’m honest with which photo for which day in my caption.

till then.. take care people! (: