happy new year 2010!

a year has actually flew by in a wink. what a cliche way of saying but so true. wanted to do a summary of 2009 like how i did a year ago for 2008 and things to look forward to in 2010. but somehow, it’s been a long long year (yes, of cos, 365 days) so it’s hard to recall in just a bit. but in any case, i had a great time, learnt a lot and seen through loads. have finally completed my degree course in SIM and held my unforgettable 21st birthday party. 2010 should be a year i look into for my career path and hopefully, i’ll be able to get a job i like. definitely, hope it’d be a much better year for everyone, family and friends.

there are actually just two things i wanna do for everyday of the new year:

  • continue keeping track of my expenses (i’ve done it for the whole of 2009!)
  • take photo with my mini love and set up a page for my own set of a-photo-a-day collection (but i think the setting up is going to take some time as i dont have the time yet but i’ll start snapping right away!)

okay, everyone’s been sending out long smses but i’m too lazy to. i’ll dedicate this blog entry to everyone but of cos, they will only see it if they are reading this. thanks for being part of my life in 2009, be it for good stuff or bad stuff. i hope you continue to in 2010 and, love ya! (:

ps: shit, i’m gonna be late for work. double pay, here i come!!