merry christmas?

feels like crap because my laptop is starting to fail me due to the lack of storage space. now that i’m done converting all my songs, the harddisk has easily used up like another three times of the space it used to take up. now i can’t even use photoshop because the error message that my scratch disk is full won’t stop appearing. to be honest, it makes me feel a little lost to be unable to do stuff that i’ve always been doing without fail. on a side note, i had 3 great xmas parties for the past 3 nights and i totally slept to my fullest today, clocking like a 9-6 sleeping time as if it was my job. feels really nua to the max but i guess it’s enough rest for now! gonna get my lazy ass back to work tmr. probably, it’s time to look for a proper job too. once i achieve that, i shall be looking at a new companion very soon..

a lot of thoughts going through my mind lately, some of which i wished i didn’t have to be bothered with. i wanted to feel like an adult, being able to handle things more maturely. i guess buddy is right, needing the courage to do the right things is definitely something i need to work on. just a little tired of too many things, i’m going on my disappearing act again. but of cos, twitter is a place i’ll never go missing from. hur. but well, till i get my mood back, don’t miss me! (:

how much can you take?