happy birthday to me!

a BLITE affair is finally over and i cannot say enough thankyous to everyone who made it possible! the whole party was pretty much a rush, i finally can uds the hardwork of planning and holding a large-scale party like that. i was actually getting really paranoid at the beginning of the party due to my hair which couldn’t stay the way it was styled to be. then, there were plenty of mini screw-ups here and there. i would say the party was not perfect at all, didn’t go according to how i was expecting it to be and i’m guilty of neglecting all my guests especially my relatives. sorry if i made anyone unhappy but please don’t take it to heart! you guys mean the whole world to me, everyone of you who came! the whole party wouldn’t be complete without you. my apologies for the notveryuptostandard place, my neglience and other imperfect stuff. hope you people liked the food, the cake, and everything else! THANKYOU LOVELY PEOPLE! (:

and i continue to thank the following people for their contributions and my birthday loots! some names are repeated a couple of times but in no particular order, i hope i didn’t miss anyone out! (:

  • daddy and mummy for sponsoring the place, the food, settling the expenses of all miscellaneous stuff
  • daddy for helping me with the driving of stuff to & fro and giving in to all my stubborn requests
  • mummy for keeping my friends entertained when i neglected them
  • sissy for the agnes b necklace, the big fat ang bao and the tiara
  • DAZ (raisa, xueting, juliana) for sponsoring my very expensive cake
  • flora, vivian, kaiwei, jikson, evans, keith, teddy, canni, ron, binfa, winda and leo for the Digital Buchineko, battery and memory card
  • Ev*lution (ferlyna, reyna, amelia, claudia, mike, jerms, david, ben, hsuan, rongqin, gabriel), cuthbert, zongwei, andrian, sly and vera for the 32gb ipod Touch and accessories
  • Ev*lutioners and babe for blowing the balloons and helping with the decorations
  • rongqin, ferlyna, reyna and david for carrying the chairs over from rq’s
  • the clique (gladys, fion, yongbeng, mingwei, zhizhong), althea babe, rene, sabrina, cheryl and isabel for the Canon Ixus 120 IS
  • the clique for the A3 poster that everyone gets during their 21st
  • gladys, fion, yong beng and skye for pumping helium to my lovely balloons and sending them over
  • babe for working damn hard to arrange and do up my guestbook
  • fion for tagging around me to take the polaroid pictures and having to tell almost all my friends that she’s notverytall
  • buddy terry, shirong and kerk for the pretty Swatch watch
  • kerk for the ice wine that we didn’t get to drink after my party
  • kerk and shirong for sending over the poster stand and frame from council room
  • pamela, zhili and zihui for the Guess wallet
  • 小舅舅 for the necklace and earrings set
  • jackson and spencer for the BORDERS gift card
  • zihui, guanzhong, yishian, minglong, samuel, jansen, yanjie and zhiwei for the waxing gift vouchers from Strip
  • nicky,  matthew, gabriel, robbin and people (i’ll update again when i get the list of people who shared because i’ve totally no idea!) for the Sony digital photo frame
  • lynn and derek for the Face Shop eye patch and sleeping mask
  • dai ming for the personal gift
  • denise for the Paul Smith ROSE perfume
  • aunt yanyan and family for the Wallet Shop purse and Robinsons vouchers
  • wilson and vanessa for the ROYCE chocolates
  • gwen for the cute mug
  • couz yina for the little bear and a personalised necklace
  • jack for the cute xmas socks, box, watch and cash
  • yu heng for the card holder and cash
  • jian hua for the pretty card
  • couz xueying for the personalised bling bling card holder
  • 姑姑 & family for the DIOR pretty charms lip gloss
  • couz shermian for helping me with the lighting of candles when no one did (:
  • buddy terry for helping me pass the message around and leading the birthday song
  • amelia, sissy, mummy and couz for helping me cut the cake and distributing it
  • couz hui yan and couz-in-law for the SolviTitus watch
  • granny, 大伯 & family, 大姑妈 & 大姑丈, 二姑妈 & family, 三姑妈 & family, 大姨, 二姨 & family, 三姨 & family, 五姨 & family, 徐坛主 & family, 大表哥, 二表哥, 小表哥& girlfriend, shirong’s mum and boss johnny for the ang baos
  • jerms and fai ming for being my photographers
  • gabriel, lynn and derek for helping me move stuffs from the chalet to home, waiting for me to finish bathing and sending me back
  • EPIC shirong, terry, kerk and babe for helping me move my presents and belongs from the chalet to home
  • EPIC for the additional birthday surprise
  • babe for the extra presents, frame and jigsaw puzzle
  • EVERYONE ELSE who helped in one way or another, or even.. just simply being there! (:

hahaha, i realised i added in a lot of other random stuff not-related to the presents i received but those are the big and small actions i remembered of people and i’m very grateful of! they could have done more things that i didn’t notice of but hey, it’s still appreciated alrights!

oh yes, now that this entry is delayed till it’s my birthday, THANKYOU for all the birthday wishes on facebook, twitter, sms or phonecalls! (: