for the 1st time in my life..

am looking at roughly a day more to my birthday party and hours to checking into my chalet. honestly, i’ve no idea if i’m exactly looking forward to it. the heavy rain this morning may mean two things. one, it IS going to rain tmr too cos it just proved that it’s rainy season; two, it will NOT rain tmr because the rain just got “cleared” today. oh well, of cos i wished it’s the latter.. at least, just give me a dry party just till midnight.. the rain can pour however heavy it wants after that, i wouldn’t give a damn. *laughs*

can’t believe i’m still quite lost in my planning but nah, i don’t think anyone can help me with it because i get very anal as i am very indecisive and stubborn that i wont continue doing anything so long as there’s just one small missing part. people who worked with me before would know. HAHAH. anyways, to those who RSVP-ed, thanks alot! remember to come in your blacks or whites and i’ll see you tmr!

PS: please be prepared to come to a pretty lok-cok chalet and that there MIGHT not be enough seats. (i’m tyring my best here alr) in any case, just don’t be expecting some atas place. but i know true friends wouldn’t mind. HEH! (:
could be the last.