lost utterly.

instead of throwing away the bread that we left for many many days, decided to “play” with it. did all the lettering cut outs for our names and the shop name. turned out, it was pretty useful for my production of the day! LOL. (:

asked bossy for permission and time to bake a cake for mr huang since we were going to celebrate his birthday after work. he helped me buy the ingredients that we were lacking and wee~ it’s baking time!

baked additional portion so that everyone could eat too and we had a tray of smaller cakes. this was for sissy and her date since they happened to be there for lunch. (:

and that’s the ugly production of the day which used the letters S and R previously cut. oh well, i know it’s really ugly but the most important thing is how it tasted right? heh. went pioneer for supper with epic because of buddy’s mad exotic cravings for chilli crab. i was NDS-ing all the way while they ate though, i think they quite enjoyed their meal. hahah. Wii-ed at the birthday boy’s place till wee hours before i crashed on the bed..

check out this lovely thing! nothing special about it? look again! it’s not the normal A4 size box of paper.. it’s AA, like the mini mini box. just thought it was damn cute so i bought it. had some uses for it anyways. hehe.

met up with pamela, zhili and zihui on Sunday at ECP for dinner. new experience of the day: we hitched a ride on some mini-bus as we were too lazy to walk the long long stretch of road at ECP. the uncle was really kind to actually take us! had a long long chat as usual about everything under the moon and really, i love talking to them and listen to their reactions and comments. they never fail to make me LOL. (:

gift from zihui babe from HK! woohoo.. although i’m not a fan of hello kitty, i really like it. now i’ve 3 more lip glosses to use! heh. thanks girl! (:

PS: trying to work as much as i can before i get busy with my birthday and the many many xmas parties. now i’ve about 3 more days and i swear i’m getting cold feet. idk why but there seems to be so much to worry and it doesn’t lessen at all as time goes. like, there’s so many things still undone but i’ve no idea what.. and that there isn’t any concrete plan of what’s going to happen, with who, what time, at where and all. it just makes me feel so insecure. it sucks to have no clue or idea on what i’m going to do actually.. considering that i always like having plans and i’m not really a fan of impromptu acts. but i guess i don’t really have a choice now! just hope for the best and… *keeps fingers crossed*
and i give up the fight.