happy birthday shirong!

a day out with mommy has never been better.. have been accompanying her to almost every previous book fairs at Suntec but yesterday was the only time we went without my 5th aunt and 2 baby cousins. it’s like spending quality time with just my dearest ah bu alone! *grins* and that’s my lovely mommy; do we look alike? hahahah.

treated her to mango ice at xin wang cos she wanted to have some desserts. but pretty sad that she feels disappointed with it! probably cos it’s often overrated, or cos there was only the 2 of us sharing such a mountain of ice that makes you sick of it.. should have walked further down to ice monster at bencoolen because for a much cheaper price, you can get a better bowl of mango ice. oh well!

got bored of our dessert and mommy started digging a “well” and throw all the jellies in. note: it’s not ME, it’s MOMMY! *laughs* i swear she’s damn cute. we were sitting by the glass panel and our conversation went….

mommy: 外面的人看得到我们吗?(hey, the people outside can see us or not?)
me: 看得到阿,干吗?(can ah, why leh?)
mommy: 哦,我本来要扮鬼脸的~ (oh, i wanted to do funny faces at them)

now you know where i get all my lameshit genes from.. i’m not the only one that 搞怪.. it runs in the blood. LOL! but whoever’s reading this and knows my mum, please don’t go tell her about me sharing it publicly, if not, no more next times! hahaha.

before that, we went shopping at MS and i got myself a Marthur Farker (note: i think the label is cool; mother fucker?) mini-skirt and jacket from clubmarc! so in love with them both. the sale is crazy. actually i don’t know whether the material and all is worth it but ya.. i think 3 items @ $49 is dirt cheap. and additional 4th item for just $13. got an item each for daddy and mommy too but heh… as usual, i wasn’t the one paying. actually, i do feel like getting more. there was a couple of jackets that caught my eyes also. HMM….

met up with the clique at night for supper and damn, hor lan-ed while leading zz to glawu’s place and we were about an hour late letting ah chu wait for us at al ameen. he even had to ask if we went Africa to have supper instead. but there really was a crazy jam! not a situation we can control, right?

not forgetting our agenda was to discuss xmas celebration plan, we drew lots for our xmas gift exchange this year! a few of us just kept picking our own names or worse still, pick too many times that forgot who the chosen party was.. so we had to redraw it like dozen of times! had everyone keep their own lot for the final time and next would be to LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR GIFT! now i’m getting a headache on what to buy for ***. and two other general presents because i’ve got 3 xmas parties to attend this year, so far….

souvenir and yummies from tayobe and ah chu from wallaby! so sweet of them that they never fail to remember us each time they go overseas for their army trips. hehe. i guess i do have to bring something back when i fly to Taiwan next year? (:

take me away to somewhere like heaven..