like so real.

evans’s prettiest wallpaper ever! *laughs* photobooth on macbook is fun, as always. and i so want to own a macbook. for whatever reason i’ve no idea. probably.. i just like the feel and look of it. but well, it’s all empty talk until i find myself a proper job with a stable pay..

caught the twilight saga with wushuyi and xumige at my territory in the morning. many reviewed that the show sucks or whatsoever but i actually liked it! probably cos i didn’t read the 2nd book and that i’ve no idea what’s going to happen and all, i think it’s pretty well done. can’t wait for eclipse and breaking dawn to be out! but that’s gonna take at least another…. 2 years i suppose?

headed to school after lunch since i had nothing much to do. MnP side was doing the orientation publicity and enrolment stuff while logistics team was packing the council room.. funny that i used to be in both “teams” and i actually think this two groups of people are almost like the only ones using the room. but i enjoy doing things with and for them, including all the factory work and sai kangs, because that’s when we chitchat, crap and chill with one another! (:

oh and on a side note, my new toy is finally here! i got so excited just by looking at the box, or even holding the empty camera in my hands! thanks xumige darling for “delivering” it to my door step. and now that i’ve so so so many boxes of films stocking up at my place, the question is.. should i leave it till next Friday or just start using now? *laughs*

and i continue on..