chu wa eh.

taking a break from moonlighting on my precious off Saturday and weekend Sunday, finally got to replenish my sleep a little. but well, i actually bummed at home for 2 days, almost transforming into a 宅女 since i had no where to go. randomly, i recalled this show ah ben asked me to watch and so i did..

with that many many hours i spent at home, i stuck my lazy ass in front of the computer and finished the entire 16-episodes drama.

okay, i was never really a big fan of K-pop stars but this fellow was really adorable. hahaha. not so much when he act cool though. but i swear he’s mad cute when he smiles, like a kid. *melts* anyways, i just can’t understand why these Korean stars always have to apply eyeliner! so girlish! LOL

the cute doodles of the band in the show – A.N.Jell. (:

was just thinking about it but i suppose i can stop calculating the opportunity costs of me bumming at home for these 2 days.. on another note, after what it seems like a good long rest over the weekends, i hope  am all geared up for a busy week of reports-chionging and mad OT-ing. now, time for bed. it’s an early night, hopefully i don’t get insomnia and get into lala land by 11pm. (: