was randomly commenting on one of my friend’s blog, making me log into my long-forgotten blogger account. looking through my User Profile made me realised how much i used to love playing around with the old Photoshop and html codes and all, coming out with a chunk of silly blogskins. i can safely say i’ve never used a template provided by Blogger itself because i was too anal to want every customized and unique to my own style..

you can click on the screenshot to see my silly works in the past. i created a poster for our project as well here. thinking back, what kind of silly project was it to create some Mr and Miss NP Stylo thingy in school? it wasn’t even getting much response from the students at all. *laughs*

back then, i just had this passion for everything. i may not even be near to being good at it, or come out with designs or things that make people go WOW but still, i loved what i was doing. nowadays, i just lost this kind of passion and motivation to even do things i’ve always liked to do. like, how much i used to love blogging, taking and then diligently sorting out all my photos, making sure every single one of them was well-cherished, arranged, and kept. these days, i don’t even bother taking much photos anymore, let alone finding things to blog about. is it that times have changed? or have i just grown up and out of that era where i was still obsessed with these? or have i, just.. lost it all?

moving away from all the times i’m spending for pointless, meaningless thoughts, maybe i should get some me-time to find myself back. i think it’s going to be tough but it’s something i’d have to force myself into doing. wish, me well…

i would if i could; and i can if there’s a will.