what now?

KTV with gab, like finally! we’ve been talking about ONE session since like July? hahaha. with babe and gladyswu rejecting me, plus a few whom we didn’t manage to get along too, glad that terry and kerk were on enough to come. heh. spent the Friday afternoon with mommy first; accompanied her to clementi to jalan jalan a little before meeting the guys in the evening at halo bar. ((:

the guys. funny thing about this shot is that the person who sang the least is holding the mic. hahah. fyi, this EMO guy always go KTV to drink, like 2 jugs of beer? yes, all by himself, and the number of songs he sings…. i guess you can count with your fingers. heh.

with gab; oh yes, photo credits to him as well. ((:

the rare singer caught with the mic again? and there’s this video on the “Single Desperate Guys” featuring gabriel and kerk! hahahaha. of course, terry isn’t included in that “club” but sigh, seems like i won’t be able to get hold of that video. so, can’t share.. *stares at gabriel*

a nicer group photo before we left.

then gab drove us all to west mall for their dinner and for me to go meet up with the gang. heh, thanks dude! i guess that mall is a place both kerk and him will never step foot on randomly, even though it’s pretty near the school. well, different areas man..

headed to the arcade; pro at it.

met up with the gang for midnight movie since we missed the 9plus timings because they decided to wait for me.. *awww* hahaha. anyways, the movie was quite good although a little bimbotic. but i reckon i’d prefer madagascar!

cos i guess i got my answer. (: