so many things..

and so, had our AGM in school on Wednesday, followed by the long awaited post-exams party at butter factory. we made it a lightsticks party this time round and the theme was Red Blue Yellow; which explains the above picture! can’t see clearly who was the one waving the lightsticks but i rmb myself doing that so yes, i pretty much like this picture! *laughs*

our new president and vice-president for the coming semester! and at the back is the new committee chart. there was quite a dramatic change for most departments. oh and babe got into the logistics department! hahah, but it wasn’t surprising because it’s so HER! heh.

with the graduated vice president; and that’s the only photo i took during AGM.

headed down to butter factory after dinner at newton. i’m glad bernie drove because it made traveling much more convenient. anyways, it was free flow till 1am so yup, that explains for our table full of cups! but it was a really long queue and wait before we could even get access to these drinks.

the pretty lightsticks.

with pretty misha. *winks*

with keith on his omnia. anyways, that look on my face.. wasn’t a gone look okay. it was just the blinding flash on his omnia. hahah, i’m quite sure even without the flash, my eyes will still be smaller than the two of them anyways.. right? ((:

and yes, if you notice the reddish babe.. she drank too! heh. surprising eh? but nah, she was still one of the most sober at the end of the day, as usual.

with sebastian, who doesn’t look quite okay already.

us again; if smiling fails, just do this face.

with gorgeous lisa.

with jillian and her signature look.

with bernie, the blues! i won’t deny i wasn’t quite sober in this picture.

is this supposed to be the reds?

bernie opened a bottle, which i don’t remember having a share of it. ): anyways, it was a promise for him getting the MnP head position. and this creation of his, is really pretty, ain’t it? btw, did teddy open a bottle too? HMM..

group photo. majority of the people who went was dressed to the theme!

there was alot of blues, a couple of reds, but very little yellows.

with rene who arrived very very late! so late i actually have not much memory of her being there. hahaha. but it’s been really really long since i really saw or talk to her although we have been messaging. heh, missed you, girl! ((:

our beautiful lightsticks!

colour-theme parties are always pretty, agree?

last but not least, i find this picture really hilarious. teddy was so gone that he needs someone to help him pose for a picture? haha, but the ironic thing is, he can actually still use his phone! *laughs* more photos on FB, as usual. oh well, then, i don’t know how bernie could still be sober enough to drive but he drove us back. thanks all for taking care of me and bernie especially for putting me up for the night.

anyways, talking about phone, my phone has been screwing up for too many times these days. the line seems to shut itself off when i leave my phone idle for some time. i wouldn’t know when and how because nobody could get through to me. all the messages will just flood in when i “break the barrier” by making a call or sending an sms out. it’s so bloody irritating and i think it has caused me to lose quite a few prospective jobs already. cos, tell me how do people get you to work when they can’t contact you? argh.

i wanna know.